Portland Support Groups

Note: Groups can take time to get started. The following groups may be up and running, or they may be planned for the near future. Please contact each group’s leader or facilitator directly for more information and to confirm their meeting schedule. If you find out a group is no longer available, email me at lauriekerridgecounseling@gmail.com so I can update this page. 

All Portland-area mental health professionals are invited to list their groups on this page. Click here to list a group.

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Advanced Addiction Recovery

“Advanced” recovery is the idea that group participants have 6+ months of sobriety already; there are unique challenges to maintaining sobriety after the detox period. Getting sober is hard, keeping it going is hard too! We consider recovery to include major lifestyle changes in regard to all substances, food, gambling, sex, etc.

Monday evenings, 5:30-6 PM
1135 SE Salmon St #105

Groups are $50 per session (with sliding scale available) and insurance billing is available for Optum/UHC/Providence, Regence/BCBS, Aetna and Cigna.

I ask that interested individuals contact me beforehand for a brief meeting to make sure the group is cohesive.

Led by Molly Pfister LPC, MAC: mjp@mollypfister.com / (503) 250-0608http://www.mollypfister.com
Listing date: November 2017

Seeking Safety: A Group for Addiction & Trauma Recovery

Safety Safety is an evidenced-based, present-focused group that helps individual attain safety. This group will not place focus on exploration of past trauma or traumatic experiences, but rather the group will focus on building effective coping strategies, including the ability to: manage trauma symptoms (i.e., negative feelings, flashbacks and nightmares); prevent destructive behaviors (i.e., cutting and suicidal impulses); build a strong, positive support system; and find ways to feel empowered & good about yourself and enjoy life without the use of substances. This group can serve as a valuable adjunct to ongoing individual therapy.

This group is ongoing, and meets each Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at 443 NE Knott Street, Portland, Oregon 97212. The cost is $30 per session, and some insurance plans are accepted.

For more information, or to register for the groups, contact Antonia Vee, LPC at 503-260-7169, or email to antoniavee@gmail.com. You may visit my website at antoniaveelpc.com
Listing date: June 2017

SMART Recovery Family & Friends

SMART Recovery Family & Friends Group is an evidence-based community support group for those who are effected by the addictive behavior or a loved one.

Please come join us to gain support, understanding, and tools to help you navigate your particular situation. Anyone with a loved one who is engaged in any type of addictive behavior, including alcohol, drugs, food, and gambling, is welcome to attend. Groups are Mondays, 4:00 to 6:30 pm in NW Portland.

Please contact Cordelia Kraus with any questions you might have or go to www.cordeliakraus.com.
Listing date: February 2018

SMART Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, et al

See smartrecovery.org/local/or  soberportland.com for information and meeting times/locations.

Other Local Resources: see the local resources section on The Recovery Village website.

Residential Treatment for Addiction

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers: https://www.drugrehab.com/oregon/portland/


Adoption Parenting Group

Join this peer support and discussion group with fellow adoptive parents. We’ll talk identity, attachment, birth families, telling tough truths, grief + loss, healing the past, navigating the future. Adoptive family life, like any other, includes both predictable challenges and surprises! This group is great to connect with families like yours and ask questions about which you’ve been craving some perspective and honesty. 3rd Fridays, SE Portland, 10:30 am to noon, $10. Please e-mail MereAnn Reid, MA, or call (971) 533-0228 for more information. http://www.northwestadoptionsupport.com
Listing date: April 2017

Waiting Families Group

Considering adoption? Waiting for a match? You are not alone. This group is for families waiting for adoption, or just thinking about it. You are invited to this open group. We welcome single adults and all couples, awaiting any type of adoption. This peer group is an opportunity to share wishes and worries, connect with other adoptive families, gather resources, and get feedback on questions about attachment, blended families, and the transition to parenthood. 2nd Tuesdays, NE Portland, 6:30-8 pm, $10. Please e-mail MereAnn Reid, MA, or call (971) 533-0228 for more information. http://www.northwestadoptionsupport.com
Listing date: April 2017

Rooted: Adopted Teens Group

Art projects, films, sharing stories, and connecting with other adopted teens. Group is designed for teen girls, ages 14-17, adopted at any age. Brief orientation & interview before group starts to determine readiness for group. 7 weekly meetings, $30 per session, commitment is for the series. Guest speakers include adult adoptees, engaging projects, and topics designed around participants’ interests. Facilitated by MereAnn Reid, MA, youth & family therapist, adoption specialist, and visual artist. Meets week nights or Saturdays, TBD. Please e-mail MereAnn or call (971) 533-0228 for more information. http://www.northwestadoptionsupport.com
Listing date: April 2017


Interpersonal Process and Attachment Repair

Anxiety, Personal Growth

This long-term, interpersonal process group is designed to help you explore yourself in attachment relationships, experiment with new ways of engaging, practice nervous system regulation, and integrate this experiential learning into your everyday life. Process groups can be a powerful tool for interpersonal growth and learning and, at best, provide a deep sense of closeness and belonging.

The group consists of 4-8 members and is led by Jeannie Songer, LPC. The group is ongoing and meets for two hours each week. The group asks that new group members make at least a six-month commitment to create a sense of stability in the group, and for the possibility of attachment and attachment repair. Currently, some of our group members have been together for 2-3 years or more, and we are seeking members who are open to this kind of long-term work. New members may be accepted into the group if and when openings occur. This group is also a good fit for those interested in mindfulness, experiential, and body-centered approaches to therapeutic work.

This group is ongoing and running now, led by Jeannie Songer. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 at 1235 SE Division, Portland OR, 97202. The cost is $55/week, and we ask for a 6-month minimum commitment to build cohesion among members.

For more information, contact Jeannie at jeannie@jeanniesonger.com.
Listing date: September 2019

Art / Therapy / Creativity

Creative and Fully Alive

Learning healthy boundaries creates an experience of feeling safe and opening up to greater intimacy. By healing childhood wounds, learning how to handle communication and relationship difficulties, and putting an end to your own inner critic and negative self talk, your life can feel full, rich and spontaneous. In this therapy group, you will work with a variety of creative forms and community-based healing practices to deepen your connection to self, family, and friends.

Thursdays: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
NW Portland
$30.00 – $40.00 (sliding scale)

Contact Kimberly Christensen, MFT Intern, for more information via e-mail at kimberly.a.christensen@gmail.com or phone at (503) 929-2916.  See more about Kimberly here.
Listing date: June 2017

Children & Adolescents

ADHD Skills Playshop – Beaverton

Each group session uses play specifically designed to help 1st/2nd graders and 3rd/4th graders struggling with ADHD to develop emotional regulation, social understand, and everyday life skills. Parents are given a weekly newsletter to help integrate the focus of each group into home/school life as well as additional resources to continue to fun! This is a 5 week series for $150. 1st/2nd Graders have group Tuesdays from 330-5 from November 28th-December 19th and 3rd/4th graders have group Thursdays 330-5 from November 30-December 21st. 12555 SW 1st St Beaverton, Or. 97005. Preregistration required. Contact Melinda Norman, LPC intern for more information and to register at melinda@marigoldhealing.com or (503) 954-8760. More about Melinda can be found at www.marigoldhealing.com.
Listing date: December 2017

More Than Ordinary Worried – A Therapy Group for Teen Girls

Are you struggling with worries that feel like they take over your thoughts? Is it harder to do what you want to because your stress or emotions are too strong? Are you hard on yourself and have trouble living up to your own expectations?

Come join a small group of like-minded teen girls to process your experience in a supportive, therapeutic environment. Group meets 1 hour per week for 8 weeks.

Parents: This therapy group encourages authentic communication and provides a space for your daughter to be herself, receive validation and work toward her own goals.

Meets 4:30-5:30pm on Wednesdays or Thursdays (depending on interest, contact for more info!)
Cost: $40/session with sliding scale/low fee slots available
Location: 4531 SE Belmont, Suite 204

Contact Sonia Holdaway, MS, LPC Intern, NCC at 503.442.7912 or e-mail holdawaycounseling@gmail.com
Listing date: October 2017

G.E.T. it! Girls Empowering Themselves Teen Group

This is a safe space for teen girls to talk about issues, feel heard, and gain support from other girls going through similar experiences. Through this group, girls will be empowered to: make healthy decisions against stressors and perfectionism, become more independent and responsible to prepare for adulthood, create confidence in their accomplishments and body image, filter negative and positive influences, choose healthy relationships, and learn how to deal with bullies through conflict resolution. Call Gianna Russo-Mitma, MA at (702) 706-1811 or e-mail to register!
Listing date: April 2017

Yoga + Mindfulness + Art Group for Teens

Connect with yourself and your peers through breath, movement, awareness, and art in an inclusive and compassionate space. This series is designed especially for teens that have a hard time being with their thoughts and emotions, may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression, have difficulty connecting with peers, and want to learn more about how to trust themselves and others. Ages 13-17, all bodies welcome, no yoga/mindfulness experience necessary. Contact Rebecca Macy, LPC RYT by e-mail or phone to sign-up for this group, which includes:

  • 6-8 people maximum

  • 6 weeks of basic healing

  • Hatha poses, breathing techniques, simple awareness practices, art explorations, and group sharing

  • Weekly guided relaxation recordings emailed/texted to you

Tuesdays 4-5pm Full Lotus PDX Yoga – 827 NE Alberta St, Portland
2 payment options- $45/group or $270/6 weeks
*6-week commitment required, insurance options available, 2-week full refund policy. See theartofbalancepdx.com for more information.
Listing date: April 2017

Full of Ourselves

Full of ourselves is an upbeat educational program that aims to sustain girls in their mental, emotional, physical and solicit health and to increase their awareness of their body image and their relationship with food. Wednesdays 1:00-2:30 pm, 10 weeks, $20.00 per session. Contact Tara Sanderson, PsyD, for more info at Tara@drtarasanderson.com or (971) 264-0879http://www.drtarasanderson.com
Listing date: May 2017

Game On

Frustrated – Stressed – Worried – Questioning everything? We can Help!
This activity oriented group helps teens who are dealing with the stress of being a teen. Focusing on helping you find answers to your questions and get support with peers and professionals.
Join us to discover the next level of your life!

Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 pm. Cost: $20.00 per session (scholarships available). Meets in Tigard. Contact Tara Sanderson, PsyD, for more info at Tara@drtarasanderson.com or (971) 264-0879http://www.drtarasanderson.com
Listing date: May 2017


Holding Onto Me While Being a We

This group is for motivated, female-identified adults that want support in holding onto who you are, while being in relationship.  These relationships can be with intimate partners, family, friends, and coworkers.  It also explores areas where you may be taking care of others and neglect yourself. The goal is to help you find balance, confidence and a respectful voice to ask for what you need and say no when appropriate. The material for the group changes based on the group desires and needs. We meet weekly in SW Portland (close-in). Cost: $30/session  For more information or to register, call Francesca Dodson, MS, NCC, LPC intern at (503) 502-0623.
Listing date: February 2018

Monthly Support Group for Codependency

This group will include: education, experiential exercises and time for reflection.

Day: First Saturday of each month. Starts in October.
Time: 10-noon
Place: 909 N. Beech St #201
Cost: Donations are greatly appreciated. Suggested donation $20-$40. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Have you noticed that your relationships seem one-sided?
Do you find yourself giving and giving?

Codependency naturally arises if you grew up in a family effected by alcohol or drugs. It also develops in an emotionally repressed family or when a family member is overly self involved. Additionally, it can stem from living with the presence of mental or physical illness.

You may have a deep belief that you’re not good enough or unloveable. You may experience a persistent anxiety about not being perfect, an unrelenting fear of saying no, and an avoidance of conflict.

Each month there will be a different focus. You will develop self awareness, learn self compassion, and receive support and encouragement. My heartfelt wish is that you will uncurl like a fern to find your voice and expression in the world.

– RSVP to reserve your spot & receive the entrance code.

– CONFIRMATION will be e-mailed to you.

– LIMITED SPACE. If the the space limit is reached, a waiting list will be created. If an opening becomes available, you will be notified by email.

– PROMPT START TIME. To be respectful and create a safe container for everyone, the group will start promptly at 10 am. There will be a 5 minute grace period, after that late arrivals will not be admitted.

– CANCELLATIONS. Due to space limitations, if you are unable to attend, please notify leader so that someone else may attend.

Contact Helene Goode for more information or to RSVP at goodecounseling@gmail.com, (503) 334-5492.
Listing date: August 2017


No groups listed at this time.

See NAMI.org or Meetup.com for more resources.

Food & Body Image

Body Love: A FREE Eating Disorder and Body Image Support Group for Adults

We are a free peer support group for adults (18+) who are seeking support with body image and/or eating disorder recovery. This environment is safe, supportive, and non-judgmental. This group is open to anyone seeking to better their relationship with their body.

Who: Adults in recovery from eating disorders or who want to develop a loving relationship with their bodies.

When: Third Thursday of every month, 7:30pm

Where: Taborspace Library, 5441 SE Belmont

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Email: bodylove.pdx@gmail.com

Listing date: Nov 2016

Food is Not the Enemy: Healing the Obsession Group

An ongoing support group for women who want to end the obsession with food and start to live life fully. Join a group that will help you end your obsession with food and start to feel happier and healthier in your body and in your life. This group is a safe, supportive environment in which you will join with others who feel as you do. The group will offer education and support to help you start feeling good about yourself, your whole self.
When: Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm. Cost: $150/month

Contact Anne Cuthbert, LPC for more information or to register: anne@foodisnottheenemy.com or (503) 766-3399foodisnottheenemy.com
Listing date: Nov 2016

Stop the Obsession: An Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Living Groove therapist Cayla Panitz, LPC and Jamie Lee, RD of HealthFull Nutrition are once again hosting Intuitive Eating Groups beginning in the fall of 2015. The groups are for those who’ve chosen or are exploring the “non-diet” approach to living.

Imagine the possibilities of a life without obsessive food thoughts. Where hunger and eating are a welcomed, mindful experience without guilt, shame or doubt threatening the enjoyment of it: A space without food rules. In this group you will begin the process of learning how Intuitive Eating can positively impact your life. The groups are a place to discuss your experiences with relatable people and participate in experiential activities to enhance eating in a mindful, intuitive way. Join for a stronger, healthier relationship with food and your body.

Evening Group: Wednesdays from September 16, 2015-November 4, 2015 from 6-7:30pm at 3939 NE Hancock St. Suite #310 Portland, OR 97212

Morning Group: Thursdays from September 17, 2015- November 5, 2015 from 8:30-10am at 511 SE 11th Ave Suite. #202 Portland, OR 97214

Groups run for 8 weeks and the cost is $40 per group, so $320 for the total 8 weeks. We ask for a $100 deposit to hold your spot. Please contact Cayla Panitz with any concerns or questions about payment or cost.
Listing date: May 2017

Grief & Loss

Encouragement After the Loss of Your Parent

The loss of a parent at any age is profound.  Our parents are often our anchors in life, our guiding lights that lead us and support us. Without their presence, life can feel overwhelming. Maybe your first major loss in life has been of your parent and you are coming to this experience feeling naked and unprepared for how to move forward. Grief is hard. It can be unrelenting and isolating. So many friends and even other family members may seem unable to understand what you are feeling or how to help.

Join us for Encouragement After the Loss of Your Parent. In this group we will explore the processes of grief while we create community and build on your resources for coping with loss. This group will meet every other week for 90 minutes each session. We will meet for a total of 10 sessions. Each group session is $40. Groups will have a maximum of 8 people.

Please contact Melinda Laus to register at 503-806-6441 or melinda@courageousmourning.com.
Listing date: June 2017

Courageous Daughters: Mothering Without Your Mother

The loss of a mother is always painful. At any age this is a profound loss. Mothers are often our pillars of strength, our beacons of reassurance, during difficult times.

But the too-early loss of a mother is never more deeply felt than when daughters experience new life milestones such as graduating, getting married or having their own children. As a motherless daughter, how does one grieve the loss of all that a mother could have brought to these chapters of life?

Losing one’s mother when young can be isolating. Others may not be able to relate to the pain and difficulty of this experience. Women who are struggling with a similar loss can provide us with the community and support we seek.

You are invited to join Courageous Daughters, a new support group for women who have experienced the loss of their own mother. We will share from our experiences, learn about grieving mother loss, and practice healing activities, including meditation, visualization, journaling, and making ceremony.

We will meet in the Courageous Mourning office, for 12 weekly sessions starting soon. Each 90 minute group session will cost $40. Please contact Melinda Laus at Courageous Mourning to register in advance at 503-806-6441 or at melinda@courageousmourning.com.
Listing date: June 2017

Writing to Heal Your Grief

We will explore the processes of grief and the healing power of writing. Offerings of writing prompts, poetry, blessings and story telling will help create a warm and peaceful space for your writing to flow. This is a small group experience with a limit of 7 people per group. Led by Melinda Laus at Courageous Mourning.

Groups meet on the 2nd Sunday each month from 1:00-4:00.  $40 per group session

Please call 503-806-6441 or email melinda@courageousmourning.com to register in advance.
Listing date: June 2017

Encouragement for Younger Widows and Widowers*

Losing your spouse impacts every aspect of your life. The pain of this loss is profound and can be overwhelming. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, intense sadness and anger are often part of the journey. Encouragement for Younger Widows and Widowers* is a safe and sacred space where we will talk about the grief process, healthy ways of coping and build support by being together on the journey. We will meet every other week for 90 minutes for 12 sessions. Each session is $40. Please contact Melinda Laus to register at 503-806-6441 or melinda@courageousmourning.com.

*ages 20 – 60
Listing date: June 2017

Family Caregiver Support Group

The Family Caregiver Support Group is open to anyone who provides care for a family member. The group provides an opportunity for family caregivers to relax, discover new ways to care for themselves, and share with other caregivers in a non-judgmental environment.
Join us for free group meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10:30 am – 12 noon at United Homecare Services: 5050 SW Griffith Dr., Suite 206, Beaverton, OR 97005. Facilitated by Camille Keith, LPC-Intern. E-mail Camille at camillekeithcounseling@gmail.com or call (971) 295-1547. Visit camillekeith.com for more info.
Listing date: April 2017

Interpersonal Process

Keep it R.E.A.L. (Relationships Exploring Awareness & Laughter)

An open and welcoming process group beginning October 25, 2017 and happening every other Wednesday 11 am to 1 pm in inner SE Portland (Buckman neighborhood). See snazzy flyer here.

Led by professional therapists Marie Cacao, LMFT and Wendy Curtis, LPC, this group is for people from any background, race, orientation, gender identity, age and situation. Some experience and/or current work in psychotherapy is required. The focus will not be on a particular topic, but rather whatever needs and concerns are relevant for the members and the group at the moment.

Group size will be limited to 10 members. Cost will be $60 per group session. Aetna and PacificSource insurances accepted. Six month commitment requested; further details will be discussed in screening appointment.

For questions or to schedule a screening appointment, contact Marie at 503-985-8377 or mariecacao@gmail.com or Wendy at 503-290-6107 or wendy@livegrowtransform.com

What’s a process group? Excellent question! Check out what GoodTherapy.org has to say.
Listing date: September 2017

Modern Emotional Support Group

Looking for a group to accelerate your progress?
Wednesdays, run weekly from 6:15-7:30 pm

Modern Groups provide support and insight in a forum that cannot be matched. People report, “I was skeptical about group at first but now I am so relieved not to feel alone. In group I feel understood like no other place in my life. The conversations we have in here are real, and I can take risks and try out different parts of myself. I have discovered that I look forward to group more than any other event in my week.”
$25 cash fee per session / Insurance may apply

10 week commitment to group with scheduling conflicts provided in advance
Contact Tracy Bryce Farmer, LCSW, PC 503-451-3267 tbrycefarmer@gmail.com 1020 SW Taylor, Suite # 435 Portland, OR 97205
Listing date: April 2017

Be You: With Others Therapy Group

Ready to join an exploratory space designed for digging in with a circle of others who, like you, are committed to self-exploration and being fully themselves in the world?

Unlike individual therapy, group process provides an active laboratory for getting to the bottom of the struggles that confound us in our lives. The empathy and honest reflection, only a group process can offer, can loosen our stuck places and provide the embodied insights and new experiences that are the source of deep change.

As group participants, we provide and receive feedback from our fellow members and the leader. As bonds strengthen and we increase self-awareness, the container supports sharing our perceptions about how others’ ways of relating affect the group. We hang out together in the inevitable discomforts that are just part of relationships and find more ease and expansiveness.

A Be You: With Others Therapy Group can become a holding environment set just enough outside the world of our everyday that we’re willing to experiment with being and connecting differently. We begin to trust ourselves as we learn to trust the holding of the group.

Current group Mondays 5:45-7:15pm. A second group forming. Time TBD. This is an ongoing group. For a Screening or to learn more head to: http://pearlwaldorf.com/be-you-with-others-group-process

If you sense you could be more satisfied at work or in your relationships, group therapy is a potent space for creating the life changes you are longing for.

Not sure if this is for you? Contact Pearl Waldorf at beyou@pearlwaldorf.com or 971-258-2968 or visit http://pearlwaldorf.com/be-you-with-others-intro-sessions
Listing date: October 2017

LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer/Questioning) Issues

Trans*Form: Mindful Support & Process Group

Could you benefit from a support group focused on trans* and queer issues? Are you interested in mindfulness skills for resourcing and centering? Do you want to join a community where you can share your present-moment experience and receive feedback?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you belong in our group! This group is facilitated from a social justice perspective to include diverse identities and points of view. Please join us.

  • free initial phone screen and in-person orientation

  • for adults 18 and up

  • six-week commitment

Before attending your first group session, we’ll set up a free orientation where you can meet with me, ask questions, and make sure it’s a good fit.

Schedule: Wednesdays, 6:30-8 pm

Location: 4531 SE Belmont St., Suite 316, Portland OR  97215

Fee: $10-$40 sliding scale

Facilitated by Sasha Strong, M.A., Ph.D. (cand.), LPC Intern
pronouns: they/them/their
@Brilliancy Counseling
Listing date: February 2018

MTF Transgender Ongoing Process Group

Weekly group running each Tuesday from 6:00-8:00pm. Group Cost: $50.00 per group; 8-10 members per group. Payment accepted at each group meeting, minimum three month commitment requested (for the purpose of establishing relationships and group continuity). No-cost initial consultation to determine client’s fit with group members and process (required prior to attendance in group).

This therapy group provides a private, warm, and accepting place where male to female trans-people can openly discuss transgender issues. Participants include anyone who identifies as transgendered—regardless of whether they are taking hormone therapy and/or are interested in surgery. Some issues covered: sexual orientation vs. gender identity, feelings of isolation, processing feelings associated with feeling alienated from family/friends/society.

Please contact Ronda Gallawa, MA, for more information or to register. SE Portland location.
Listing date: April 2017

Community Groups

Find other group listings at the Q CenterBrave Space and TransActive Gender Center.
Listing date: April 2017


Opening With The Spring: A Mindful Ecotherapy Group

Are you eager to shake off the winter blahs? Do you struggle to fully embody your joy, creativity, and vitality? Are you confused about how to honor the turning of the seasons in a world of climate change?

Join us for a weekly ecotherapy* group as we explore our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the land. Using here-and-now experiences, we will explore patterns of disconnection, aiming to open to the wildness within and beyond us, attune with the rhythms of nature, and blossom with the spring.

– $40 per 2 hour session, sliding scale spots available

– Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm

– Includes both indoor and outdoor activities, all at TLC Farm, 11640 SW Boones Ferry Road, PDX

Facilitated by River Fagan, LPC Intern at https://dragonwisepdx.com, who you can contact at dragonwisecounseling@gmail.com or (503) 917-4768.

*Ecotherapy is a healing modality that incorporates the traditional human guidance of a therapist with the deep, nourishing support of the natural world.
Listing date: February 2018

Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Group

Mindfulness Meditation can drastically enrich your life in many unimaginable ways. It is an opportunity to be fully alive and awake to your own life. Through this simple practice, you can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and all forms of suffering. It can increase your self-awareness, focus, compassion, and improve your decision-making and working memory. This therapy group will provide you with wisdom and insight that will serve you for life!

If you are brand new to meditation, never tried it before, or are a regular practitioner, this group is for you. You will experience the foundations of Mindfulness Meditation, learn to notice and recognize emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations as they arise, experience the pleasure of mindful eating, take a stroll through Portland’s gorgeous nature on a mindful walk, hear from mindful experts, and become more centered and joyful. Come experience 6 soothing and relaxing sessions with Chelsea!

Start Date of Two Mindfulness Groups: September 25th & September 26th

6 Week Course with 1 Session Per Week

5:00 – 6:30 PM
The Hope Connection
5319 SW Westgate Dr. Ste 113
Portland, OR 97221

Cost: $150 upfront ($25 per session) Only 12 Spots Available!

Led by Chelsea Shields MA, LMFT Intern. E-mail Chelsea@HopeConnectionCounseling.com or call (503) 908-4655http://hopeconnectioncounseling.com/therapists/chelsea
Listing date: September 2017

Yoga for Healing

Tap into your ability to heal through breath, movement, and awareness in an inclusive, compassionate space that allows you to explore your experience in your body at your own pace and on your own terms. This series is designed especially with those healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain in mind. Also pre and post-natal friendly and great for all level of yoga practitioners, beginner to advanced. Make a commitment to yourself! Contact me to sign-up for the next series, which includes:
Saving your space in a small group class, 6 people maximum 6 weeks of guidance on basic healing Hatha poses, breathing techniques, and mindfulness/awareness practices
Weekly guided relaxation recordings emailed to you
Option to schedule a private session at a special rate- $75 (normally $95) Thursdays 12-1pm Full Lotus Yoga – 827 NE Alberta St, Portland $115/6-week series *payment plan option available. Contact Rebecca Macy, LPC RYT by e-mail or phone to sign-up for this group or for more info.
Listing date: April 2017

Mindfulness Essentials: Skills Training Class

The many applications of mindfulness are based on a few general principles whose simplicity and power have sparked interest for centuries. Our intention is to explore mindfulness skills as an essentially experiential process. Class participants will learn how to cultivate and improve their mindfulness skills, both formally and informally. Exploring how this practice can improve mental health and well-being.
With: Sarah J. Heaverlo, LPC, CADCI
Where: Western Psychological Counseling Services
890 SE 82nd Drive – Gladstone – Building B
Call: 503-659-5515 – extension 1213
Most insurance is accepted for WPCS clients. Cash rate available by request. Must have 45 minute in-person screening with Sarah prior to enrollment. 8 week commitment to class. Download a class flyer at: mindfulnessessentialspdx.com
Listing date: April 2017

Mindfulness Essentials: Deepen

This class is for those who have completed Mindfulness Essentials Skills Training Class and want to deepen their meditation practice. We will explore the neuroscience of meditation and work to cultivate a regular meditation practice. This class will teach how mindfulness practice impacts the brain and give longer periods of in-class mindfulness exercises. Enrollment: Must have completed Mindfulness Essentials Skills Training Class and phone screening with Sarah. Commitment to all 4 classes expected.
With: Sarah J. Heaverlo, LPC, CADCI
Where: Western Psychological Counseling Services
890 SE 82nd Drive – Gladstone – Building B
Call: 503-659-5515 – extension 1213
Most insurance is accepted for WPCS clients. Cash rate available by request. Download a class flyer at: mindfulnessessentialspdx.com
Listing date: April 2017

Men’s Support

Following Freedom: A Men’s Interpersonal Process Group

Are you working really hard maintaining your job, your family, and your life, yet somehow feel stuck? Do you wonder why other people seem happier or further along, even though you’re just as dedicated and responsible as they are?

Sometimes it takes more than one-on-one therapy to discover what’s keeping you from asking for what you really want. Our men’s process group is a safe space for experimenting with prioritizing you, without sacrificing relationship. Through a focus on here-and-now experience, we’ll work to better recognize who we are in relationship and actualize our common impulse for living fuller, richer lives.

$55 per session; three month initial commitment required.

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, 4531 SE Belmont St. Suite 300, Portland, Oregon 97215

Contact Ryan Hofrichter or Toren Volkmann for more information:

971-266-0710 | ryan@ryanhofrichter.com
503-308-1011 | hello@torenvolkmann.com
Listing date: October 2017

Men’s Process Group

The mission of this group is for men to explore, support, and challenge each other in order to tap into a more authentic sense of self and community.

It is specifically for anyone who identifies as a man and wants to deepen their level of self-awareness and to learn how they relate to others. So many men are currently faced with isolation and deep yearning for community. This group aims to help men stay curious and engaged when faced with issues of comparison, power, control, and vulnerability.

When: Every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Where: 909 N. Beech #208 Portland, OR 97227
Cost: $200 per month
Commitment: 3 months
Facilitators: Kirk Shepard, LPC & David Hanna, LPC
Contact: kirk@rootstockcounseling.com or davidhannacounseling@gmail.com
Listing date: September 2017

Weekly Men’s Process Group

Specifically, this group is for men who want…

  • to learn how to be more emotionally present in their intimate relationships

  • to understand how their anger can be expressed in healthy and constructive ways

  • to improve their relationship with money

  • to look at what’s holding them back from finding a satisfying intimate relationship

  • support to be the best dad they can be to their kids

  • to be held accountable for the goals they set for themselves

  • to engage with their sexuality in more fulfilling and satisfying ways

  • to stay curious and engaged when faced with opposing viewpoints

2 Different Groups Offered:

When: every Monday evening from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Where: 0333 SW Flower St (John’s Landing)
Cost: $200 per month
Commitment: 3 months
Facilitators: David Hannah, LPC & David Marks, LMFT
Contact: 503-349-2281 ex 0 or info@familytiescounselingcenter.com

When: every Thursday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Where: 0333 SW Flower St (John’s Landing)
Cost: $200 per month
Commitment: 6 months
Facilitators: Jeffrey Post-Holmberg, LMFT & Jeremy Manalis, LPC, LMT
Contact: 503-349-2281 ex 0 or info@familytiescounselingcenter.com
Listing date: April 2017

Men’s Support & Process Group

Weekly groups designed for men seeking greater self-understanding and more satisfying personal relationships.

The format includes education and discussion about men’s issues within the context of mutual support and interpersonal process (ie, members are encouraged to pay attention to their thoughts, feelings, and reactions as they occur moment to moment as the group takes place and to report on what they notice).

The group is specially designed to provide a safe, caring community of men who validate open and honest dialogue about:
*removing blocks to emotional intimacy and closeness;
*escaping society’s expectations of masculinity;
*reclaiming healthy anger from aggression, hostility and rage;
*resisting shame and validating men’s desire for comfort, support and connection;
*increasing joy and pleasure without resorting to dangerous and addictive behaviors;
*resolving early life complexes and traumas of rejecting, neglectful, abusive and domineering authority figures

Two groups are offered, Mondays from 6-7:30 pm, and Wednesdays from 5-6:30 pm. Cost is $50 per 90 minute session with many insurances accepted.

Contact Guy Burstein at 503-701-1050 and/or review my website at www.guyburstein.com.
Listing date: Nov 2016

Portland New Fathers’ Group

Are you realizing that parenthood isn’t quite what you expected? Need some tools to help get you through the rough spots? Wonder what’s up with this baby, and your partner? This is the group for you. Come meet other new and soon-to-be dads in a casual environment where you can grab coffee and ask questions — the real questions — and get answers. I’m Sam Stevens, a Dad and a counselor and I want to help make this whole parenting thing a little less mysterious and a little more fun for you. I offer this workshop once per month at Cafe au Play on SE 55th and Division. The workshop is 1 1/2 hours and is free. Please go to our meetup.com page to sign up and receive reminders about upcoming groups and connect with other dads. You can also follow us on Facebook.
Listing date: April 2017


Group Therapy

Small (6-7 person) therapy (process) group gives participants a chance to practice being authentic and finding real connection in relationship. Participants are supported in noticing and working through patterns which get in the way of authenticity and connection. Ongoing group, open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. Many of the group members have experienced some form of childhood relational trauma. The group costs $40 per session, is 2 hrs long and meets Tuesdays at 6:30pm, biweekly. If you have questions please get in touch with Lee Scher at lee.scher@yahoo.com or (503) 998-2297, or visit contemplativetherapist.com
Listing date: April 2017


Mothering Mindfully

Being a mother of an infant and toddler can have many moments of joy and struggle. It can be a time of isolation, uncertainty, boredom, and amazement all in the same day. This group will provide a space for mothers to come together to support each other with compassion and openness, while also learning and practicing mindfulness and therapeutic skills to navigate the ups and downs of this stage of mothering. We will be using the book “Mindful Motherhood: Practical Tools for Staying Sane During Pregnancy and Your Child’s First Year” by Cassandra Vieten as a template for group discussion.

We meet weekly in SW Portland (close-in). Cost: $30/session. For more information or to register, e-mail CounselingWithFrancesca@gmail.com or call Francesca Dodson, MS, NCC, LPC intern at (503) 502-0623.
Listing date: March 2018

Co-Parenting After Separation & Divorce

Are you separated or divorced with children and desire more co-parenting cooperation and communication? Do you find your children feeling stressed about the effects of separation or divorce? Co-parenting can be a challenge for both parents and their children. Establishing a healthy environment in all homes is important, remembering that the key is: Children come first. This interactive group will help co-parents understand the effective skills for raising children cooperatively, empowering them to work together. This group setting includes discussion, activities, and group support. One or both co-parents welcome. Activities include: Business-type communication, appropriate assertiveness, understanding your child better, & more! Call Gianna Russo-Mitma, MA at (702) 706-1811 or e-mail to register.
Listing date: April 2017

Bringing Baby Home: 12-hour Gottman Workshop

Designed for pregnant couples or parents of young children. Improve quality life for babies by strengthening your parental relationship during this challenging transition. This class is a fun, interactive workshop that will give you tools to better parent, as well as maintain and improve your relationship with your partner. Increase friendship in your relationship. Learn to deal effectively with conflict; Improve the quality of parent-infant interaction; Recognize the needs of your child; Co-parent effectively. Fall kickoff dates are Oct. 22 & 29th, 9-4 pm. Cost: $250 (materials included). For more information contact Miranda Clark at miranda.livinggroove@gmail.com / 503.395.7592 / livinggroovecounseling.com
Listing date: September 2017


No groups listed at this time.

Sexual Abuse

Movement and Process Group for Adult Female Sexual Abuse Survivors

This 9 week group integrates movement and group process/dialogue -providing an opportunity for survivors to reconnect with their bodies in a mindful and loving way and elicit invaluable support and connection with other survivors. Sexual Abuse disrupts our core being and healing requires that we re-connect to our bodies from the inside out. Movement is a wonderful way to learn to trust our bodies again and address themes that often emerge for sexual abuse survivors in the safety of a gentle group atmosphere with other survivors. Group focuses include finding safety, power and control, guilt/shame and self compassion, trust, desire and joy. No prior movement experience necessary. Movement is easy, dance and yoga-like movements that will comprise about 45 minutes of this 2-hour group.

Group meets Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 pm
Studio Sol – Corner of NE MLK & Fremont
Cost – $50 per group (most insurance plans accepted)

Contact Erika Ruber, LCSW at erikaruber@gmail.com or call (503) 680-7292http://www.movinginsideout.com/index.html
Listing date: September 2017

Groups for Survivors of Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse & Incest

These women-only support groups are designed to give you a safe and confidential environment to heal from your abuse and will allow you to build a community of other survivors that have been through similar experiences. Groups meet bi-weekly and are running on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm- 8:30pm. There is a required initial commitment of 12 sessions. Each session costs $25, as does the initial interview which is also required. The group is facilitated by, Deborah High, MA, LMFT #T0901, who specializes in working with adolescents, adults, families and couples dealing with abuse, incest and domestic violence. To set up an initial consultation or for questions please call 503-438-8780or visit my website at www.sexualabusetherapies.com or www.healingjourneytherapeuticservices.com
Listing date: September 2017

Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) Teen Support Group

The Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) provides a Teen Support Group for older teens who have experienced sexual assault during their teen years (not childhood abuse). This group is an ongoing, open ended, psycho-educational support group for older teen girls ages 15–19 who have experienced sexual assault as a teen from someone outside their family or home. For more information please call Kathy Archibald, LCSW  at 503-703-7353 or email kathya@sarcoregon.org
Listing date: May 2017

Women’s Sexual Abuse Survivor Support Group

Have you survived sexual abuse at some point in your life and find yourself in need of support? If so, this group is the right fit for you. Group members are invited to share their stories and what they are experiencing in each phase of healing. Through this group, women give and receive support and learn empowerment and sense of self. While talking about your emotions and experiences with others can be daunting, it is a very healing experience. To honor where you are in the healing process, you will never be required to share. If you are interested in attending, contact me any time to schedule a consultation.  –Lindsay Howson, LPC Intern, lindsayhowsoncounseling.com, (503) 278-5685.
Listing date: May 2017

Men’s Sexual Abuse Survivor Support Group

Have you survived sexual abuse and find yourself in need of support? If so, this group is the right fit for you. Group members are invited to share their stories and what they are experiencing in each phase of healing. Through this group, men give and receive support. While talking about your emotions and experiences with others can be daunting, it is a very healing experience. To honor where you are in the healing process, you will never be required to share. This group recognizes the importance of men having a safe place to share their emotions without judgment. If you are interested in attending, please contact me any time to schedule a consultation.  –Lindsay Howson, LPC Intern, lindsayhowsoncounseling.com, (503) 278-5685.
Listing date: May 2017

Partners of Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This group is for partners of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We will learn how to support your partner and yourself in healing from the effects of sexual abuse, learn more information about sexual abuse dynamics, and learn how to thrive in your relationship with your partner with increased communication and intimacy. This group includes art therapy, verbal discussion, and specific tools and resources. Location: 2505 SE 11th Ave., Portland, OR, 97202. Please contact Molly McDavitt, ATR, LPC at 503-442-9279 or mollymcdavittcounseling@gmail.com for the most up to date information on when the group is meeting. Multiple insurances accepted or sliding scale $35-$45.
Listing date: May 2017

Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This group unites adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Our group focuses on creating a safe and supportive community, learning skills for managing anxiety, understanding the effects of sexual abuse trauma, building empowerment, and improving the health of our minds, bodies and relationships. The group includes trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and art therapy. Location: 2505 SE 11th Ave., Portland, OR, 97202. Please contact Molly McDavitt, ATR, LPC at 503-442-9279 or mollymcdavittcounseling@gmail.com for the most up to date information on when the group is meeting. Multiple insurances accepted or sliding scale $35-$45.
Listing date: May 2017

Parents and Caregivers of Sexually Abused Children

This group is for parents and caregivers who are parenting a child who has been sexually abused and who have not abused their children. Using art and talk therapy we will build a support network, learn how to support a child and yourself after sexual abuse occurs, learn more information about sexual abuse dynamics, and enrich parenting skills specific to sexual abuse protection and prevention.Location: 2505 SE 11th Ave., Portland, OR, 97202. Please contact Molly McDavitt, ATR, LPC at 503-442-9279 or mollymcdavittcounseling@gmail.com for the most up to date information on when the group is meeting. Multiple insurances accepted or sliding scale $35-$45.
Listing date: May 2017

Sexual Health

Reclaiming Sexual Desire

Are you suffering from low sexual desire? You’re not alone. Our lives are busy, stressful, and not conducive to feeling relaxed and present in our bodies. Low desire leaves us feeling defective and worried about the future of our relationships… not to mention the future of our own pleasure! It is possible to reclaim your sexual desire and I’m here to help you do it. Join us for this eight week exploration as we learn the causes of low desire and the evidenced-based techniques that will reconnect you to your sexuality. Please visit the group website for more information! Led by Maegan Megginson, MA, LMFT, LPC, Certified Sex Therapist. Contact Maegan at Maegan@CCSTPDX.com or (503) 941-0856.
Listing date: July 2017

Claiming Sexuality: A Support Group for Women

Do you feel different or odd?
Do you struggle with your sexual identity in a male dominated society?
Almost everything we learn about sex is from the perspective of a male experience.

Join a group of women sharing their experiences and supporting each other!
Topics of Discussion:
Myths and Misconceptions
Sexual Empowerment
Definitions of differing sexualities
Diverse sexual experiences

Meets weekly on Monday evenings! To register, call or e-mail Lindsay Walker or visit www.bridgetownsextherapy.com for more info.
Listing date: May 2017

Veterans Resources

Reactions to combat and operational stress and trauma may include:

  • Problems concentrating or making decisions

  • Having disturbing dreams and memories or flashbacks

  • Feeling hopeless about the future

  • Feeling numb or lacking interest in anything

  • Having a negative view of the world or other people

  • Guilt and shame

  • Avoiding people, places, and things related to stressful operational experiences

  • Feeling on guard, constantly alert, or jumpy

  • Being irritable or having outbursts of anger

  • Having trouble sleeping

  • Feeling detached or withdrawn from others



If you are in crisis, please call 911, go to your nearest emergency room, or call 800.273.8255 (Para Español llame 888.628.9454). Veterans: Press "1" after you call, or go to Veterans Crisis Line to chat live with a crisis counselor at any time. 

Trauma Recovery

Somatic Psychotherapy for Mental Health

This somatic psychotherapy group is a body/brain approach to trauma resolution, self-regulation and wellness. A goal is to cultivate a resilient nervous system while engaging in the interpersonal world with others. Group meets Thursdays 7 PM-8:30 PM in downtown Camas. Some insurances accepted. Call Dawn Bhat for more information at (360) 582-7270. See the group flyer here and for more information go to http://www.dawnbhat.com or e-mail Dawn.bhat@gmail.com.
Listing date: August 2017

Women’s Domestic Abuse Support Group

Have you survived an abusive intimate relationship and find yourself in need of support? If so, this group is the right fit for you. Group members are invited to share their stories and what they are experiencing in each phase of healing. Through this group, women give and receive support and learn empowerment and sense of self. While talking about your emotions and experiences with others can be daunting, it is a very healing experience. To honor where you are in the healing process, you will never be required to share.  If you are interested in attending, please contact me any time to schedule a consultation.  –Lindsay Howson, LPC Intern, lindsayhowsoncounseling.com, (503) 278-5685.
Listing date: April 2017

Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) Friends & Family Group

The Sexual Assault Resource Center is offering a FREE 10-week psychoeducational group for partners, friends and family members of women and teens who have experienced sexual assault at age 15 or older. In this group participants will learn: Information about sexual trauma, including: after effects of sexual trauma on the brain and body, how trauma memory is processed, how trauma survivors cope with sexual trauma, losses that result from experiencing sexual trauma; How to provide helpful support to a person who has experienced sexual trauma, including: learning to use language that helps not hurts, how to validate effectively, how to help create a safe environment to promote healing; How to cope with your own feelings, including: learning how to cope with natural feelings that arise while being a support to a person healing from sexual trauma, self-care strategies

When: Group will start October 22, 2015
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursdays
Where: The Sexual Assault Resource Center office

For more information or to sign up for the group, please contact Betsy Trumbull, LCSW at 971-708-5771 or e-mail betsyt@sarcoregon.org
Listing date: June 2017

Free Domestic Violence Support Group for Women

A weekly, drop-in group for women who identify as survivors of domestic violence. Wednesdays 11:30-1:00 at A Safe Place Family Justice Center for Clackamas County, 256 Warner Milne Road, Oregon City. Hosted by Clackamas Women’s Services. Call 503.655.8600for more information or just show up for the group!
Listing date: August 2014

Clackamas Women’s Services Domestic Violence Support Groups

CWS offers free, ongoing support groups for survivors of domestic violence in Clackamas County. For more information or to find a group near you please call our 24 hour crisis and support line at (503) 654-2288 or 888-654-2288.
Listing date: August 2014


Beating Procrastination

Do you wish you had more hours in your day? Would you like to work more efficiently and manage your time better? This coaching group will give you tools to move towards optimal performance. It combines hands-on exercises with personalized coaching, focusing on your personal work style, situation, needs and goals. Find more info and sign up here. Contact Ursina Teuscher, PhD for more information at ursina@teuscher-coaching.com or call (858) 200-6887.
Listing date: May 2017

Increasing Personal Productivity

Would you like to work more efficiently and recharge without guilt? In this coaching group, you will learn about exciting advances in neuroscience and psychology and gain insights into how our brains work. Based on these findings and on an assessment of your own work style and situation, you will receive the personal guidance to optimize your own best practices.

The program includes group sessions, individual coaching sessions, online/phone support, and a workbook. Find more info and save your spot here. Contact Ursina Teuscher, PhD for more information at ursina@teuscher-coaching.com or call (858) 200-6887.
Listing date: May 2017

Women’s Support

G.E.T. it! Girls Empowering Themselves 2.0: College Transitions

This is a safe space for college-age ladies (18-23) to talk about the unique issues they are facing, feel heard, and gain support from other young women going through similar experiences. Through this group, you will be empowered to: make healthy decisions against stressors and perfectionism, learn how to become successful adults, process being first generation college students, create confidence in your accomplishments, choose healthy relationships, increase self-esteem, and learn how to become who YOU want to become! Call Gianna Russo-Mitma, MA at (702) 706-1811 or e-mail to register! Located near the Oregon Zoo!

Listing date: May 2017

“Childfree by Choice” Women’s Support Group

We live in a society that pretty much expects you are going to pro-create. It’s getting better, but we’re not there yet on assumptions being made and The Questions getting asked: “Do you have kids?” (followed closely by) “When are you going to have kids?” and/or “Why not?”

Facilitated by Wendy Curtis, LPC, this group is for women of all ages who are childfree by choice. What, exactly, do women who are childfree need support around?

– Isolation/Trouble Finding Your Tribe
– The Reasons You Don’t Want Kids
– Purpose/Generativity
– Discrimination & Judgment from Others
– Dating/Couplehood/Marriage
– Relationships with Family

Where: Elephant’s Delicatessen, 5221 SW Corbett Avenue, Portland, OR 97239
When: 10 am FIRST Sunday of the month (have brunch!)
Cost: FREE + whatever you purchase to drink/eat

Please contact Wendy Curtis via e-mail to RSVP or call/text 503-290-6107. See the group flyer here.
Listing date: May 2017

Yoga for Mental Health

Gentle Yoga for Mental Health

Are you stressed or feeling anxious? 
Are you going through a challenging time or transition in your life?
Are you curious how yoga might help, but aren’t sure where to start?
This is class is for you!

Designed with the beginner in mind, this class teaches gentle yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness skills that provide relaxation and healing for your body and mind. This class is perfect for those who are brand new to yoga, have a limited range of motion, or desire a class that is gentle on the body and relaxing to the mind.

WEDNESDAYS AT 5:30PM through June 14, 2017
Harmony Yoga
2108 NE 41st Ave Portland, Oregon 97212
Sliding scale $5-10 per class. Pay what you can.

  • No need to register, just show up.

  • The studio has everything you need for class, but you’re welcome to bring your own mat if you have one.

  • Call (503) 313-4802 or email Lael if you have any questions or concerns.

Led by Lael Petersen, LCSW, RYT
Lael is a mind-body therapist, Reiki practitioner and yoga teacher (200RYT). She is a student of Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT500. Lael’s yoga classes combine gentle movement, mindfulness and practical yoga philosophy. Her experience as a therapist and her passion for yoga create classes that provide healing for the body, mind and spirit. More information about her work can be found at www.laelpetersen.com.
Listing date: May 2017